Maggi-the staple food for every Indian hosteller. No single young Indian can imagine his or her life without a packet of Maggi. It’s raining outside? So, let’s have some Maggi tonight! Ran out of gas? Let’s have a bowl of Maggi. Maggi is the last resort for everything. Sometimes, it’s on the menu for a housewarming party.

Maggi is an integral part of our life. A bowl of happiness costing only a few bucks in double digits! Are you still cooking Maggi in the same old way? Here is a breath of fresh air for you. These variations in Maggi will take you straight to your childhood.

1. Masala Maggi

Maggi dishes

Buy an additional packet of Maggi masala and add it to your Maggi. Don’t add too much water as it will dilute the taste.

2. Egg Bhurji Maggi

Maggi dishes

This will require two burners. Prepare your regular Maggi on one burner. On the other burner, make the egg bhurji. To make the egg bhurji, sauté chopped onions, capsicum and tomatoes in desi ghee or refined oil. Add the spices like red chilli powder, turmeric, black pepper powder and salt. Add the egg and whisk it to make an egg bhurji. Add this prepared bhurji into the Maggi. Garnish it with chopped coriander leaves.

3. Chicken Maggi

Maggi dishes

Make this desi chicken Maggi at home easily. You can prepare the tandoori chicken at home or get some from a vendor. Separate the chicken meat from the bones. Add these chicken pieces in the Maggi and enjoy Chicken Maggi at home.

4. Prawn Maggi

Maggi dishes

Are you a seafood lover? Engage yourself in the taste of sumptuous prawn and spicy Maggi with this simple Maggi dish. You can purchase the frozen prawns if you don’t have the prawns in your area. Fry the prawns in some garlic, spring onions, soy sauce and vinegar. Add these fried prawns to a spicy Maggi.

5. Salsa Maggi

Maggi dishes

All you have to do is prepare a saucy salsa which is very easy to do. Make a paste of tomatoes, onions, green coriander and garlic. Add the chopped cucumber. Add lemon juice and black pepper on top. Cook Maggi and add the salsa sauce on the top. Enjoy this tiny Spanish heaven in your palate.

6. Cheesy Maggi

Maggi dishes

The lovers of cheese will definitely try this variation at their home. Take any cheese you want, whether its mozzarella or cheddar cheese. Grate it on the freshly cooked steaming Maggi. Heat it again in the microwave to melt the cheese. It is the yummiest form of Maggi you can every find anywhere.

7. Corn and Capsicum Maggi

Maggi dishes

If you don’t want to prepare a spicy Maggi, then try this dish for sure. Boil the maggi without adding the tastemaker. Add the corn while boiling it. Add salt, cheese and black pepper on top of it. Add the tastemaker and cook it till the Maggi becomes soft. Add the baked capsicums as garnishing.

8. Leftover Maggi

Maggi dishes

If you’re living alone and you have this habit of leaving food, then you can use this trick. Add the leftover gravy of any dish to the cooked Maggi. Enjoy the fiery Maggi without any added efforts.


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